Puppies – The ultimate test for your fixing skills

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In October 2008, I had several new additions to the family when my dog, Phoenix, a Hungarian Viszla, had 4 puppies.

 They look cute at a few days old






I knew that things were going to get chewed, you have to expect it of puppies. Chewing puppiesWhat I never fully realised though was just how much they were going to test my fixing skills (and my patience).

I was only supposed to keep one, but for various reasons figured two would be better so now have Rodin and Solja. RodinSolja












At the time of writing this, they’re coming up to a year old and I have to say the damage hasn’t been that bad. I mean, does it look as though butter would melt in their mouth?

The passage of time has meant I’m not as spittingly-mad angry as I was at losing a priceless retro-classic 70’s shoulder bag shaped like an artist’s paint tube. The new lino floor I laid in the playroom (after they had ruined the carpet) that now lies in tatters teaches me I should have used a more durable solution (sheet steel maybe?). The scar of finding one of my favourite leather shoes with the back chewed off (fixed) has healed a little – I’ll get them back by making slippers from their ears. My car’s steering wheel and handbrake lever now have familiar little holes in them. Strangely, they left the look-a-like-wood gearknob. The financial and emotional cost of losing several of the kids toys / shoes / favourite teddies has passed. Not forgetting the thrill of visiting the vet after they found and devoured mum’s Mothers Day chocolates (dark, of course) – I’d only left them by the front door half an hour before we were due to leave! Lucky it wasn’t Easter.

I have forgiven Solja for bringing me my phone when it was ringing, despite leaving a tiny tooth mark in the outer casing. He was only using his initiative.

I will probably continue to forgive them for as long as they possess that knack of looking up at you when you’re cross. They know when they’ve been bad.

I guess you have to look at it as your fault for leaving the things lying around in the first place. That’s not counting the day they opened the door into my office, managed to close it behind them and then proceeded to ransack it in their confined state – ate my stash of car sweets, destroyed a copy of MS Office, corner of the rug, chewed the top off a welly boot (hey, it’s still usable), etc. Needless to say, I now lock the door.

And you thought kids were destructive.


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Jan 3, 2010 at 4:37 pm

Hi Alex,

Many thanks for your comment on our Phoenix blog and great to hear of another Phoenix Vizsla in the world!

ahhh, the joys of puppyhood, eh? You definitely had you’re work cut out bringing up two Viz pups at once, they seem to be good at ganging up and outnumbering their human companions given half a chance…whenever our little bundle of joy shredded something to ribbons we always had the trainers’ mantras of: “it’s always the owners fault, never the dogs” & “everything the puppy can reach is on the ‘puppy shelf’ and therefore belongs to the puppy as far as he/she’s concerned” etc.

It sounds like you’ve emerged relatively sound in body and mind though! As our Phoenix hits 14 months old – and the memories of the chewing, howling and general mayhem start to fade a tad – we’re about to start the whole adventure all over again with a new baby HWV.

all the best


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