How to repair a Dyson vacuum cleaner

Posted by kypoth-Alex on May 3, 2010 in Hardware, How To Fix ... |

My 13 year old Dyson DC02 recently had a major meltdown. I’m not kidding, there were sparks flying out the back and smoke filled the room (you know, that really acrid smoke you get when electrics go wrong). My daughter, who’s younger than the Dyson, was using it at the time and she was most upset as she couldn’t finish her chore and claim her wages (don’t worry, I’m not that evil, I honoured the deal. After deducting the cost of the motor, of course. No, only joking ;) ).

Anyway, my DC02 is a “limited edition” De Stijl that they don’t make any more, so I don’t want to throw it away, plus it’ll cost £200 to buy a new one.

So I went looking and found a most excellent website –, with a guide to dismantling a DC02 which I followed easily due to the great pictures and text.

Out came my motor – half of the contact strips on the armature had disintegrated and were embedded in the plastic casing (literally melted into the plastic!), new motor ordered on eBay, job’s a good ‘un.

Highly recommended if you need to fix your Dyson, the site has nearly every model on it and is well laid out and easy to use.

Thanks Dyson Medic!

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