I have created the articles in this blog when I couldn’t easily find the information at manufacturer’s sites, forums, etc. Useful pages seem to be getting more and more buried in search engines by parked domains, business directories and ads from well known online-auction sites, so the idea (hopefully) is that the more relevant and targeted the content is, the easier it will be for you to find when you’re in a similar predicament. And I now have another challenge getting it onto the search pages!

I run my own business fixing computers, so most of the posts are related to that, but every now and then I’ll post something completely different.

Cheap manufacturing makes it hard to fix stuff these days as they’d rather you bought a new one and the products are designed accordingly. It’s not really very environmentally-friendly throwing things away (especially with computer equipment), it’s a waste of money and I like the challenge! Hopefully my experiences will help to prepare you if you wish to fix things yourself.

Enjoy the site, I hope you find what you were looking for.