Microsoft Office 2007 envelope printing issues

Posted by kypoth-Alex on Sep 17, 2009 in How To Fix ..., Software |

I’ve just had a problem with a multi-user home PC where the secondary user couldn’t set envelope printing options in Office 2007 without them being reset everytime the feature was re-used. Even after configuring the envelope setup, it wouldn’t print the address label in the correct location.

The primary user was fine, and although both users were Administrators, it looked to me like the secondary user was experiencing permissions problems and not able to control the printer properly.

I switched to the main user account (i.e. the one that was used to set up and install the computer) and checked the printer’s Security tab – my suspicions were confirmed…

It looks like Vista has locked down printer control – the main account has the ability to Print, Manage this printer and Manage documents but the Everyone group only has the permission to Print.

There are two ways to solve this. Either create the specific permissions for your user accounts, but, in a home environment, you might as well give the Everyone group control of the printer.

I added the Manage this printer and the Manage documents permission to the Everyone group and logged back in to the secondary account.

Envelope printing is now behaving as it should, the obvious change when you go back to check is the user now has the ability to select the various tray options.

Job done.

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