Exchange 2007 email send delays after upgrading to managed Avast Net Server on SBS 2008

Posted by kypoth-Alex on Sep 10, 2009 in How To Fix ..., Software |

Having trouble sending mail after a managed Avast Server installation? Another thing that you may need to remove from the default set up to make it work is the Internet Mail scanner from the server – it’s ok for the clients but stops the server from sending mail as it competes for the same port.

Apparently this setting should take care of itself if you’re doing a fresh install with the latest releases. However, mine was a standalone install initially, which I then updated to be ADNM managed.

You need to check if the avast! Mail Scanner service is running, and as this is a manual service, it was still running on my setup. I stopped it and confirmed it was set to Manual (so it shouldn’t restart itself). After a reboot, it had restarted, so I set it to Disabled. That should do the trick.

Checked the message queues in Exchange and mail is flowing out again.

Job done.

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