Exchange 2007 Information Store not starting on SBS 2008 server after Avast Net Server installed

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I’ve just been working on a customer’s server set up, applying MS updates and fixing a problem with a PC not contacting the ADNM (Avast’s central management console). During the work, I noticed the main server wasn’t talking to the ADNM, which led to me realising it had a standalone Avast install on it. So I removed this and set up ADNM to deploy the Net Server package. As soon as this installed and the server reboooted, I started getting the SBS Console critical alerts thing flashing at me. Turns out the Exchange Information Store Service is failing to start, and won’t respond to a manual prod. Not good if you need to use email on the server.

It was one of those situations where it took me a while to work out what was causing the problem, especially after all the updates and other messing around I’d been doing. Thanks to Google and the Avast forum moderator, Vlk, I realised it was Avast that was causing the problem.

Here’s what you have to do to get it to work properly.

Once you’ve deployed the managed version onto the (Exchange) server and it’s rebooted, fire up your ADNM console.

Select Tasks, Client Side Tasks, On Access Scanning Tasks. You’ll see the default task in the right hand pane.

Right click the default task and choose Properties.

Select Providers and double check that the box next to Exchange 2007 is ticked. Confirm by pressing OK.

Now send the rule to the server. To do this, locate the server name in the Computer Catalog, right click it, and select Apply To Computer.

You can then go back to the unwell server, go to the Start button and select Administrative Tools, Services. Find the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service and right click it, select Start. The service should restart and all will be fine, but probably best to reboot the server and double check the service restarts automatically.

Job done.

To see the post on the Avast forum that was eventually my solution, go here:

Mind you, that wasn’t entirely panic over. We started getting NDRs claiming a message delay. So if you’ve done a manual server install then updated to ADNM managed, you may need this following step. Disabling the avast! Mail Scanner service

Get avast! antivirus Suite


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