How to register for the free version of Avast anti virus scanner

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I recommend Avast antivirus to most of my residential customers as it’s free and easy to look after. One thing that some people seem scared of though is registering it when their 60 day trial is up. I’m never sure why, it’s a quick thing to do and it really is free (for home users), you just need to register your email address with them so they can send you a license key. If you don’t register, your antivirus protection stops working, that puts your internet security at risk and that’s not a good thing.

There’s two stages: first is getting your key and second is putting that key into the Avast program on your computer. It’s easy, I promise…

Stage 1 – obtaining the Avast antivirus license key

Go to the registration page on the avast website:

Enter your email address (twice to confirm it), enter your name, select your country. You can fill in the optional info if you wish. Enter the three letter verification code and press Register.

Wait for the registration code to turn up in your email.

Stage 2 – Entering the license key into Avast

There are a couple of ways to enter the license key into Avast.

If you see the red box at the bottom right of your screen, click on it and you’ll be shown a splash screen with a picture of the product. Look to the bottom left of the screen and click on ‘I already have a license key’.

If you don’t see the red box, go to the Start menu and find Avast in the program folders, or if I’ve put an ‘Anti Virus and Security’ folder (the padlock icon) on your desktop, double-click the Avast icon in there.

You should now see the ‘Enter your license key window’.

Go to your email program and find the email from Avast.

Click and drag over the license key to select the text and press CTRL and C (at the same time) to copy the text.

Get your email program out of the way so you can see the Avast license key window. Click in the license key field and then press CTRL and V together to paste the key into the window.

Press ok, your license key is confirmed.

Now you don’t have to worry about your virus protection for a whole year. There, wasn’t that easy?


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