Fixing the stylus from an O2 xda Orbit / Atom

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Some things aren’t really worth fixing, and this is probably one of them. After all, I do have the spare one that came with it somewhere in the box. However, there’s a bit of a story behind this, and after all the hassle, it would have been defeatist to have put it in the bin.

I recently went on holiday with my son and mum to my aunt and uncle’s place, in the south of France near Nimes. My son likes playing the various games I’ve got on the xda, and he’s old enough now for me to not worry if he’s embossing the touchscreen as he uses it.

Anyway, one day, the stylus went missing. He did admit to it, he didn’t know where he’d put it. Why not just put it back in the phone, but then he is 7. Children, eh? Harder than managing staff but at least you can shout at them uncontrollably. We searched and searched every room he’d been in, even some he hadn’t,  all over the house and garden, down the sides of the sofas, in the duvet covers, etc, etc. I had another search before we left but no joy.

In true fashion, the day after we left, uncle Richard called to say he’d found it. On the front drive nestled in the gravel. I swear I’d looked there, and by using the foot to foot shuffle technique.

One week later, the package arrives. When something comes through the door in a Royal Mail package, you get all excited. That excitement quickly turned as I read the heading on the package – “Our Sincere Apologies”.


Oh dear. Poor stylus. fixstylus2Enclosed in the plastic bag were the remains of the envelope and my stylus, still sellotaped to the “Hope this reaches you ok” note from Uncle R, but in three pieces.

The Royal Mail are very sorry it has been damaged whilst in their care, I could complete a damaged item form so they can investigate, and they apologise for any inconvenience caused. Also, plastic bags can be dangerous, but you’d need a very small baby for this one.

There’s no way I’m going to throw the stylus in the bin after all the effort that went into searching for it and it’s traumatic journey back to the UK. What needs fixing? Two small plastic joins, there’s enough support from the metal handle, I reckon superglue should do the job.

fixstylus4Small drop of superglue in the metal handle tube, re-align the snap in the bits of plastic and hey presto. Hold firmly for a few seconds, letting any excess glue form in a bubble around the join. If it’s only a tiny bit of glue, leave it until it dries – removing it is much easier and cleaner when it’s dry. If it’s a big bit, like this one (whoops!),fixstylus5 wait for the join to stick then use a bit of normal paper to remove any excess. Try not to smear it around too much, especially on the plastic, so use a clean bit of paper with every wipe. fixstylus6It’s easy to remove from metal, so try and get your overflow to run onto the metal if you can. Don’t use a tissue as you’ll end up getting bits of fluff stuck to your piece, and nobody wants fluff on their piece.

Wait for the glue to dry, at least 30 minutes. I mean it, don’t be tempted to fiddle before it’s dry or you’ll just end up with a mess. Take a sharp blade and, holding it almost parallel to the stylus, gently scrape away the excess glue. fixstylus7Be careful on the plastic bit as you will remove the plastic if you get too close, but on the metal you’re ok to gently scrape away. Don’t come in at too steep an angle or you’ll scratch the surface. Slowly and gently, remove a little bit at a time until it’s all gone.


I’ve now accepted the Royal Mail’s apologies.fixstylus8

I know this article’s kind of like teaching you to suck eggs, it’s really a test article for my new blog :)

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