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One of the things I feel strongly about is looking after the Earth we live on. We don’t like it when our houses are in a mess so why let the planet go the same way? Here are some of the things I do to help protect the environment from both a personal and a business point of view.


  • Given the choice, I will always buy computer components that are non-retail packaged.
  • I combine my orders where possible to save on packaging and delivery miles.
  • I will avoid using chemical products if more natural alternatives are available.
  • I am now trying to drive my car as smoothly as possible to save on fuel (it’s expensive in Europe!) and reduce emissions.
  • I use low-energy light bulbs where I can and turn them off when I’m not using them.
  • I print as little as possible and on re-used paper where appropriate.
  • I make full use of appliance energy saving features.



  • I will try and re-use delivery packaging if I am sending anything in the mail.
  • I hate throwing things away, they’re bound to come in handy one day :) .



  • I always recycle/compost my normal waste where possible.
  • I ensure that any faulty components go to the local council’s computer waste recycling.


Other things I do

  • I will try and use green alternatives unless the additional financial cost appears to be an unjustified premium. For example, I use Supergreen to host this website as they claim to supply their datacentres with ‘eco-friendly’ renewable energy. Their hosting plans cost the same as their parent company, Just Host.


Everyone has a responsibility towards the environment. I hope you can use some of my tips above to contribute too. If you have any tips you’d like to share, please add a comment.

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