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Does your computer have a virus? Are you plagued by pop-ups or being terrorised by trojans? Read on to find out how Kypoth can help.

There are many types of virus, effectively they fall under two categories, non-malicious or malicious. Non-malicious types tend to be things like diverted search results or unwanted toolbars that slow down or make your internet browser unusable. These are normally easy to remove by using a robust malware scanner. Malicious viruses are thankfully rarer but can be harder to detect, as they want to remain unnoticed. You may get strange requests for your passwords, perhaps something was downloaded when you visted a certain site, or something is making your computer run erratically. By using a combination of techniques, these can also be removed. If you have been unfortunate and have suffered from a rootkit virus (which changes the core operating system files), sometimes the only solution is to rebuild your computer, however this can usually be done without losing any personal data.

If you think your passwords have been compromised, please change them at the first available opportunity. If you think you have given any financial details to an unauthorised source, your bank or credit card company won't mind if you contact them to make them aware. Do this now, they will be able to guide you through any actions that need to be taken.

Get in touch via the contact page to book an appointment as soon as possible if you have any virus-like activity on your computer.


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