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Website Design and Maintenance

Are you thinking about a website? I can help. I have designed and created several websites for local companies, from simple brochure-type to complete eCommerce solutions. I am happy to help with existing websites too.

I can help with getting your business onto Google by assisting you with setting up the free tools that Google provide. I can ensure your website is configured for best search results - search engine optimisation is a term often bandied about, but itís really a very simple process that ultimately depends on the content of your website. This has to come from you, I can then turn that into a site that will serve your business. Considering that people have shifted from services like Yellow Pages and now rely on the internet to locate services, having an efficient website will mean your customers know how to contact you with minimal ongoing cost. Dont miss out on local searches for your business!

I can make your site mobile phone, iPad and tablet friendly, which are fast-becoming more popular ways for people to surf the web. Mobile devices are also suited to social media, integrating your site with and using these methods of communication provide ideal sales platforms, allow you to get valuable feedback from your customers and ultimately help grow your business.

You obviously need a home for your website online, this starts with choosing and registering the right name, then creating your website on your webhost webservers. I can recommend several good companies that offer the best value for this service.

If you need to be on-line or need some work on your current website, please contact me. You can see the websites I have created and maintain for businesses like yours below


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